Lighting Revolution has proudly scoped and sourced these premium brand ranges from near and far to supply to the

New Zealand market. Each range has something unique to offer, whether you need durable outdoor lighting, jaw dropping

feature lighting or subtle, effective lighting... 

We've got the solution. 



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We have an expansive range of premium outdoor lighting products that cover the majority of outdoor applications. Whether you are wanting to illuminate a path way, highlight an existing feature or create depth, warmth and ambiance in your outdoor space.

We've got the solution. 

Who We Work With

We work with a range of professionals from lighting designers, architects and landscapers to electricians and end users.

Our goal is to provide the best product with the best service.

We stand by our products and have a genuine desire to help our clients bring their lighting concepts to life.

We do not supply directly to the public but have many suppliers across the country.

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For quotes, samples and sales orders please contact one of our suppliers. 

For technical product advice please contact our friendly team.

hunza@hunza.co.nz or communications@hunza.co.nz

09 528-9471

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